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In Rainbows (Guitar Tab)


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Following the landmark digital release of Radiohead's In Rainbows, the experimental rock stalwarts finally issued the album in its physical CD format. It headed straight to the top of the album charts and a limited discbox edition with extra tracks followed at the beginning of 2008. This official songbook contains all the songs from that limited edition discbox version, arranged in guitar tablature format.

Musically, In Rainbows is a culmination of the band's previous work, taking in both the avant-garde electronics of their later records with their more traditional guitar-heavy sound. Many are claiming it to be the obvious heir to OK Computer, often cited as the 'best rock album of all time'.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571531164

Item Code: 0571531164

EAN: 9780571531165

Price: £16.99
Availability:140 in stock

Genre(s): Rock, Alternative

Product Language: English

Territories: Item available in Europe, excl. Russia & Kazakhstan

  • Guitar
  • Voice
  1. Part 1: 15 Step
  2. Bodysnatchers
  3. Nude
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. All I Need
  6. Faust Arp
  7. Reckoner
  8. House of Cards
  9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  10. Videotape
  11. Part 2: Down Is The New Up
  12. Go Slowly
  13. Last Flowers To The Hospital
  14. Up On The Ladder
  15. Bangers and Mash
  16. 4 Minute Warning