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Piano Theory in Practice Made Easy 2A (Piano Solo)

Wilson Quah

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Explore musical ideas to play music creatively using music theory that you have learned. To put music theory into practice is to apply theory in an artistic and creative manner. Every piece of music in this publication appears in a few variations. Each variation offers musical ideas that make it sound interesting and at times, stylistically different.

Publisher: Rhythm

ISBN: 967985650X

Item Code: MPP40022A

EAN: 9789679856507

Price: £3.99
Availability:180 in stock

Genre(s): Educational

Product Language: English

Territories: World (excl SE Asia and the Far East)

  • Piano
  1. Lu La Lay (3 variations)
  2. Number Song (2 variations)
  3. Five Hundred Miles (2 variations)
  4. De Camptown Races (4 variations)
  5. Mickey Waltz (4 variations)
  6. Long Long Ago (2 variations)
  7. Sayonara (3 variations)