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Reaching Toward Virtuosity Vol.3 (Guitar Notation & TAB)

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This third and final volume of Reaching toward Virtuosity is specifically devoted to right hand practice (alternating rest stroke/free stroke, arpeggio shifts).  Whereas the left hand defines the notes of a musical text, the right hand is essentially used for phrasing and expression.  It is this hand that, through intensity, sound colour and rhythmic interpretation, conveys our emotions, our inner feelings and our stylistic comprehension. It is also the right hand that bears the brunt of being out of shape, stage fright and sketchy understanding of the musical text.  Special attention is given to improving mobility and alternation, in order to develop a clearer and more proficient understanding of what the right hand does. Practice on slurring during shifts and extensions, something little or not at all addressed in specialized works, as well as several bar chord exercises in the form of amusing mini etudes, complete this trilogy of instrumental technique. These exercises will help performers gain new sensations, freedom of movement and physical awareness, and as a result, enhance their musical choices with the fabulous sonic possibilities of our instrument.

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